COFFEE + CREATIVES = 5th March 2023

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Nic Mason
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"COFFEE + CREATIVES" - A Renaissance of Real-Life Repartee

This arts/social event is a great networking and social opportunity so bring your business cards, ideas, and perhaps even your 'folios. Meet with arts, design, and business professionals, and of course the socialites of the Canberra scene.

A free social event I organise to gather other artists, designers, creative freelancers, arts workers, business owners, and entrepreneurs together to congregate with their contemporaries - and to find possible arts collaborators / clients / business partners, who vocalize the same vernacular, with whom they would otherwise rarely rendezvous.

An amusingly ad-hoc assemblage of artists - encompassing the makers, the musicians, and the sensitive socialites, plus of course, the entrepreneurs and ardent advocates of the arts.

Talent from all fields are invited to attend, including - but not limited to - painting, sculpture, architecture, music, writing, performing arts including theatre and dance, film, photography, video production/editing, design, sequential art, conceptual art, printmaking, fashion, graphic design, interior design, make-up, modelling, product design, screenwriting, business, and IT.

COFFEE + CREATIVES is a mixer event for artists, designers, and creatives of all types.

Cappuccinos, cake, and quintessential conversation.

I look forward to seeing you there!


TIME: 12 noon, 5th March 2023

LOCATION: LAB ANU cafe, University Ave, The Australian National University, ACT 2601



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